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Borg version 0.11.3

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What is BORG?

Borg is a Study Companion. It makes learning through MOOCs, video courses easier, as it manages your downloads, downloaded videos, video playlists and notes.

Borg makes studying from online and offline video courses completely seamless, with text and voice notes tightly integrated with the videos.

It also has full featured download manager, for course videos and resources as studying via online streaming videos is not possible in many countries, where bandwidth is low and expensive during day time and better and cheaper bandwidth is available during night. So students can download their videos at night and study during the day, keeping themselves in good health.

Save whole courses in the library for quick access in the “courses” section.
Create combined playlists, called “collections” using videos from various online and offline sources – Local Hard disk, Coursera, edX, NPTEL, MIT OCW, Khanacademy and more. Making it an excellent study/research tool.

There are some more features also planned and I am working to incorporate them. Features like time tracking, and reports of the videos watched.
It is available for Mac OS, Windows and Linux.

Initially, Borg was a software designed only for downloading coursera courses, which it did perfectly. But after the response and recommendations from my beta testers, it was decided that a plain downloader will not be of major help.

What was needed was a complete and seamless study experience, between online and offline videos + Playlist management combined, with a tightly integrated downloader and downloads manager, therefore all these features were later incorporated.

Support for edx courses was also included. Youtube is a huge resource of educational videos, so support for downloading, viewing and managing playlists from youtube as courses was also added.


  1. The MOOC companion doesn't allow me to sign in Coursera

    1. If you can login from the coursera site then try to login from Borg after deleting "user.cookies" at AppData\Roaming\com.gautamji.borg\Local Store\settings

  2. unable to download anything, I am using a proxy network


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