Mt. Fuji Sudoku

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Mt. Fuji Sudoku is the original Japanese Sudoku with an interface designed to take you to the land of the rising sun.


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Sudoku, originally called number-place is a very popular logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzle. The aim is to place nine numbers in each cell in such a way that they appear only once in every row, column and mini-grid/blocks that the cell is in.


Every care has been taken to make the user interface smooth and easy to use. And with an algorithm fine tuned for a unique sudoku puzzle generation, you won't look at a paper sudoku again.

This Sudoku app Features -
*Four difficulty levels
*Pencil marking mode
*Auto save the current game
*Mark conflicting cells (can be turned off in the settings)
*9 extra save slots for saving unfinished games

finish and sleek interface
*Zooming and panning the puzzle
*Visually appealing, Looks and works great on screens of all sizes.
*Sudoku Puzzle Generator
*Unlimited Sudoku Puzzles
Note - to run this Sudoku app you need the Adobe AIR Runtime.
Installing the AIR runtime helps you save space as it is shared between many games and apps. The AIR runtime is used by more than a million apps and games.