Choghadiya Now

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Using Choghadiya Now get the exact muhurat of the precise place where you are using the latest algorithms and geo positioning technology (GPS) available on your phone.

This tool calculates the sunrise and sunset times and gives you the current choghadiya according to your latitude and longitude.

What is Choghadiya ?

Choghadiya, also known as Chogadia is a vedic method of divining muhurat for starting any auspicious or good work.
The choghadiyas are seperated into two time spans, the time between sunrise and sunset is called "Day Choghadiya" and the time between sunset and next day sunrise is called "Night Choghadiya".

Traditionally Choghadiya is used for travel muhurthas but due to its simplicity it is used for any muhurtha.

To start any work, the Choghadiyas of Amrit (Ambrosia) , Shubh (Auspicious) and Labh (Benefit) are considered the best.
Chal or Char is considered neutral.
Rog (Disease), Kaal (Death or Time) and Udveg (Sadness) are considered by many as inauspicious. But we think that they too have their uses, for example kaal is the best time to end a bad relationship.

To get more details, contact a knowledgeable Jyotish (astrologer).